Friday, March 12, 2010

The joy of clicking

Until Dario's hearing is good enough to distinguish a clicker from a cooing parent, I have already put to use the three Pryor-certified clickers I received.

- The first, I sent to Harish and Priya, due to have a kid in ten days. Harish is the person who introduced me to "Don't shoot the dog," the book that started my devouring passion for animal training; the book that made me want to have a kid.

- The second, I lost.

- The third, Elisa and I used to play "the clicker game". Not only this game is incredibly fun, it is also very instructive. You know what your dog (or baby) feels like when they are trained. And it feels good.

Elisa made me stand on one leg with elbow touching a knee, she made me switch off the light, do a handstand. I made her open a drawer, put the milk back into the fridge, throw a yoga ball over the trapeze bar.

I have played this game before with Sandra, Pierre and Emile. This time again, it was eye opening. The most surprising fact: it is very important for the animal to 'get their treat' from the trainer after each click.

I immediately ordered a 30-pack of Karen Pryor clickers. I can't leave with the risk of being left without a clicker for a day.

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