Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Discipline tricks

Elisa receives weekly tips from babycenter.com. Today's email contains has a number of themes, but one of them is: "Discipline tricks to introduce now."

Dario is three-weeks old today, so you can imagine how much I am looking forward to testing discipline tricks.

Only one applies from birth: Lavish love. We are trying that as much as possible. One web site or another cites the research of Ronald G. Barr on infant crying: you hold your baby two more hours per day, she cries 43% less when she is six-weeks old (the peak of crying in all cultures). I ordered a book by Barr -- who seems to be a reference on the matter of crying, but in the meanwhile, Harish sent me "Our babies, ourselves," by Meredith Small. The chapter on crying cites Barr again and again.

Reading said chapter on crying makes me fall in love even more with Dario. No more thinking about putting him in the crib when he sleeps: I want to hold him all the time. Lavish love. And I read: it's not how much you hold your kid, it's how fast you answer his calls of distress. I am running to buy a baby monitor.

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