Monday, March 8, 2010

Hand stands

At the beginning of Jnuary, I registered on I gave the web site my credit card. On April 13th, I will be able to do a handstand and hold it for fifteen seconds. Hesky will be the judge. If I fail, stickk will automatically use my card to send $200 to a pro-life organization. I am on the complete opposite of the spectrum in that respect: I believe that infanticide should be legal. Let's not get into details here, just read Peter Singer's arguments, it's roughly what I think. Let me add that Dario's life is not at risk.'s spiel says this anti-charity system is based on serious research on commitment, and it just works.

So I have been waiting for results, but as I don't practice my handstand, I don't see that I am making progress.

Karen Pryor's book, "Reaching the animal mind" has a chapter entitled "People". Each chapter has an accompanying web page with videos and additional readings. That chapter's page contains videos on TAGteaching: the application of clicker training to humans, mostly in sports contexts.

Check out the first video, it is about handstand training. I just contacted a handstand instructor to ask her to teach me this way. Until Dario can be trained, maybe I'll put myself through it.

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