Thursday, February 18, 2010

Animal training on babies?

Imagine my disappointment when I typed the Google query animal training on babies: there is nothing better than discussions on baby dogs and on dog meet baby.

On the other hand, clicker training on babies: we are sent to Karen Pryor's web site, with a blog entry by chipper28, that starts so:

Clicker training a baby. I’ve already discovered that these four words elicit a strikingly wide set of responses. “How could you even say that?”, “Huh?”, “Do you really think a baby’s smart enough to do that?”, “Interesting idea,” and “You can not do that to my grandson!” are a few examples. Leaving out the emotional responses for the moment, we seem to be left with either explaining what clicker training is or arguing whether our son might be approaching our dog in intellect. I haven’t actually spoken to anyone who had any real constructive ideas unfortunately.
Said chipper28 is unlikely to be Karen Pryor herself. She or he continues on her post dated 01/02/2008: "we have a four-month-old son and a four-year-old Irish Terrier."

Looks like I will get all I want. Alas, chipper28 got too busy with the training itself: this is the first and the last entry in his or her blog hosted on Karen Pryor's web site.

The visit to Pryor's site was an occasion to learn that she published a new book in 2009: Reaching the animal mind. As I have bought "Don't shoot the dog" about 15 times to give it to friends, it is proportionally not much more to buy this book without reading any review.

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